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Meet Walt's Custom Crankbaits ProStaff Member,


Mike Nugent FLW Costa rookie 2019. Mike is married with a loving family. Mike is a Christian and truly loves God.

His drive to fish is to be the best in the competition and loves the competitiveness. 

One of his drives in life is to teach our youth to fish. He is just as passionate about you as he is his career in fishing. 


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Meet Walt's Custom Crankbaits ProStaff Member,


Benjamin J. Thompson

He is currently a U.S. Marine and truly loves fishing. 

He has experience in chasing bass from the east coast to the west coast.  

His goals are to fish professionally and he has the drive and experience to achieve his goal. 

Checkout his Youtube channel:

Bassassassin247 SemperFi USMC Fishing


Meet Walt's Custom Crankbaits ProStaff Member,


Paul Funk

Paul is a retired U.S. Air Force veteran with 24 years of service.  

After his retirement he fished every chance he had. 

Him and his wife had an idea to make baits QUALITY baits at the weekend anglers price. He is the owner of

His is happily married to Brenda

Glad to have him in the family.